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Vertix Pico Round Liner 1 / 0.25mm Long Taper Textured Taper (20 pack)

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Make your mark in the PMU world with the New Vertix Pico,  featuring  a slim,  tapered  cartridge  design  that  offers  maximum  visibility  and  pixel-perfect precision.  We’ve  redesigned  our  tips  from  the  ground  up,  introducing  a  new  internal  system  for  superior stability and reduced vibration, so you can achieve  beautiful  results  while  gentle on the skin. 

Take  control  over  each needle stroke  during  procedures with a new tip reservoir that facilitates clean  work,  optimizes  pigment  consumption,  and  prevents splatter. Plus,  for  the  first  time,  we’re  introducing "Slope" configurations,  as  well  as  our  widest  range  of needles  on  the  market,  with  our  thinnest  at  just  0.16mm and our thickest at .38mm in diameter.


Textured Needles

Key Differentiating Factor: Do not have polished tapers.

Textured needles feature small grooves on the tapers surface which ink grasps on and clings to.

The structure allows for it to hold more ink than traditional needles, leading to less dipping and in turn, makes the tattooing process faster and more convenient for the artist

It is important to be an experienced artist when using textured needles since they can cause trauma if used improperly.