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Waterproof Eyebrow Pencils - Brown (5-pack)

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  • [100% WATERPROOF and LONG LASTING] - Framed Faces microblading eyebrow pencils are made for long lasting results. Our eyebrow pencils are waterproof, you can draw and shape eyebrows quickly without any fading from sweat, water or tears.
  • [PREMIUM WAX] - Our microblading pencil will provide a soft and delicate brush stroke. No hurting the skin, easy to colour, easily outline and fill the eyebrow shape.
  • [PROFESSIONAL-GRADE] - Our eyebrow waterproof microblading pencils are built with professional-grade materials. Designed and used by professionals makeup artists, comparable to the best korean microblading pencils on the market.
  • [SMOOTHEST FILING AND OUTLINING] - Framed Faces microblading eyebrows pencils will glide easily and smoothly without any breaking in the process. Our microblading eyebrow pencil will provide a clean mapping for all tattoo artists/ estheticians/ make-up artists.
  • [FAST AND EASY SHARPENING] - Easy-to-use, our microblading eyebrow pencil is designed with a pull-cord. Peel the excess off your microblading pencil and use a small sharpening blade to carve the tips of the eyebrow microblading pencils.